• Copper Target Perform Body

    Copper Target Perform BodyUltra High Purity Copper Target Preform Body At The Cheap Price Simple introduction of copper target preform body Copper target preform body is also called by copper ingot,which is the key of a target quality.There are two kinds of copper target preform...Read More

  • High Purity Copper Pellets

    High Purity Copper PelletsFive Nines Melting materials High Purity Copper Pellets Made in China from Professional Factory 1.Simple introduction for high purity copper plate materials in Henan Guoxi 2.Specification for all kinds of Cu pellets: Cylinder:Diameter x...Read More

  • Single Crystal Copper

    Single Crystal CopperGuoxi Manufacturing Single Crystal Copper in China at the cheap price Simple introduction for single crystal copper Single crystal copper rod, 8 mm in diameter, was successfully produced using self-designed horizontal continuous casting equipment....Read More

  • High Purity Copper Plate

    High Purity Copper Plate5N and 6N Ultra High Purity Copper Plate Materials Made in China at The Cheap Price 1.Simple introduction for high purity copper plate materials in Henan Guoxi High purity copper have trade marks:HPCu-1 and HPCu-2,our high purity copper is existed...Read More

  • High Purity Zinc Ingot

    High Purity Zinc Ingot2017 Hot Sale High Purity Zinc Ingot Made In China from Professional Factory High purity zinc ingot Parameter Features The zinc content over 99.9995% purity. light intensity of colours. Organization close. Advantage There is no slag. Void-free Corrosion...Read More

  • High Purity Copper Rod

    High Purity Copper Rod99.9999% Six Nines Purity Cheap China High Purity Copper Rod from Professional Factory 1. Technical Parameters for High Purity Copper Rod Purity:99.999% - 99.9999% Density: >8.9g/cm3 Material free of voids,cracks,blemishes and contaminants 2.Pocess 3....Read More

  • High Purity Alumina Ceramic Powder

    High Purity Alumina Ceramic Powder99.99% high purity composite alumina ceramic powder Simple Introduction for High Pure Aluminum Ceramic Oxide Powder: The high purity composite ceramic aluminum oxide powder produced by our professional factory is a ideal choice because of its high purity,...Read More

  • High Purity Copper Bar

    High Purity Copper Bar99.9999% and 5N purity high purity copper bar from professional factory High purity copper rod Attribute of high purity copper wire rod Features High conductitvity High fidelity Bondng mechanical strength is better than gold wire Good plasticity processing...Read More

  • High Purity Aluminum Ingot

    High Purity Aluminum Ingot6N High Purity Aluminum Ingot On Sale From Professional Factory High Purity Aluminum Ingot Al Attribute Feature High conductivity High thermal conductivity High reflection Oxidative resistance Good ductility Low temperature resistant Advantages The most...Read More

  • High Purity Copper Ingot

    High Purity Copper Ingot99.9999% 5N/6N Ultra High Purity Copper Ingot from Professional Factory 1. Description for high purity copper ingot Our high pure copper plate material is melted and casted to high purity copper ingot.The grain size of our ingot is 50 – 80μm,The inner also...Read More

  • High Purity Copper Wire

    High Purity Copper Wire99.9999% High Purity Copper Wire with The Highest Possible Density 1.High purity copper wire propert 2.Simple introduction for high purity copper wire We are specialized in producing high purity copper wire with the highest possible density for use in...Read More

  • Copper Target Raw Material

    Copper Target Raw Material99.9999% 6n purity copper target raw materials made in China at the cheap price Micrograph for high purity copper target raw materilas The flexibility of our production process allows to adjust the microstructure of our coating material to achieve your...Read More

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