• High Purity Zinc Plate

    High Purity Zinc Plate2017 High Purity Zinc Plate Made In China At The Cheap Price High purity zinc plate General properties Features With the development of semiconductor technology, the size of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices has been scaled down to...Read More

  • High Purity Zinc Pellets

    High Purity Zinc PelletsHigh purity zinc pellets Parameter Features The zinc content over 99.9995% purity. High purity. light intensity of colours. Organization close. There is no slag. Void-free Corrosion resistance Dissolve the uniform Advantage good calendering wear resistance...Read More

  • High Purity Aluminum Rod

    High Purity Aluminum Rod5N5 Hot Sale High Purity Aluminum Rod Made In China High Purity Aluminum Rod Al Attribute Features High conductivity High thermal conductivity High reflection Oxidantive resistance Good ductility Low temperative resistant Advantage The high purity Highly...Read More

  • High Purity Aluminum Plate

    High Purity Aluminum Plate99.9995% High Purity Aluminum Plate Made In China For Sale High Purity Aluminum Plate Product Attribute High purity aluminum plate`s manufacturing process High purity aluminum pellets is made by special manufacturing under clean work environment.The...Read More

  • High Purity Aluminum Pellets

    High Purity Aluminum PelletsHigh Purity Aluminum Pellets Made In China At The Cheap Price High Purity Aluminum Pellets High Purity Aluminum Pellets Attribute Test Report in GDMS Features lower the content of impurity elements, the smaller the density of intermetallic compounds; The...Read More

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