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- Sep 05, 2017 -

Microcrystalline is a crystal that is made from thousands of or tens of thousands of cells per grain and is only repeated about dozens of cycles in the direction of a crystal axis. The specific surface of microcrystalline is large, the surface adsorption property and surface activity are quite prominent. The experimental results show that the diffraction peak (or the Powder Crystal diffraction arc) has obvious broadening and dispersion of the particle size in the (100~2000) x10-10m range of crystals called microcrystalline, which is a form of transition from crystals to amorphous bodies. Such as carbon black is a micro-crystal formed by thousands or millions of cells, the 001-type 002 diffraction peaks in the carbon black powder crystal diffraction are particularly diffuse, while 100 and 110 diffraction is sharper, which indicates that the period of C axis direction is much smaller than that of a and B axis, and that the microcrystalline is a metastable state, It will release a certain crystallization heat when it is transformed into crystalline state.