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Development of Alumina
- Sep 05, 2017 -

The data show that China is the world's largest producer of alumina, with 56.355 million tonnes of global alumina production in 2010, 28.955 million tonnes of China's alumina production, and a year-on-year growth of 20.14%, accounting for 51.38% of the global share. 2010 China's aluminum oxide apparent consumption reached 33.21 million tons, annual growth rate of 14.05%, net import 4.26 million tons, bauxite imports of 30.19 million tons, external dependence of 39.71%, alumina external dependence of 47.26%.

With the rapid development of electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and machinery in China, there is still a big increase in the demand for alumina, and the production of alumina will increase continuously. Combined with 2005-2010 China's alumina production data, it is expected that China's alumina production will reach 33 million tonnes in 2011, with a growth rate of 14%, and 2012 will continue to grow on the basis of 2011, producing more than 38 million tonnes.

In addition, in view of the continued large-scale growth in China's construction area, and because of the continuous urbanization, the future of aluminum industry is very optimistic. China's alumina demand is expected to grow by 15% to 38.19 million tonnes in 2011 over a year earlier, with 42 million tonnes of alumina demand in 2012, up 10% per cent year-on-year.