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The  industrialization projects of our ultra high purity metal materials is located in the chain front-end of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industry,we independently research the new generation of ultra pure metal materials, which break the technological monopoly of western countries, meet top scientific research and high-end equipment manufactured domestic needs which will strongly push related areas of technical progress and coordinated development,becoming the important support of promoting industrial upgrading and improving industry core competitiveness.

Recently, due to vacuum distillation of the preparation of super pure metal, mostly use arc melting, electron beam melting, zone melting fire refining purification technology in the domestic,when producing , domestic factory meet all kinds of difficults , just like small capacity,high cost.low efficiency and other questions. so compared with well-known foreign brands , we have weak competitive force.

Now our company meet the urgent market,which is based on researching and ing of super high purity metal materials production in large-scale by solving the technical barriers,now we research advanced ultra pure metal purification technology and innovativly breake through tranditional purity refining technology difficults . now 99.99995% ultra purity metal materials can lead high-end manufacturing in the world.