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The 9th Shanghai International New Material Exhibition Opened At Shanghai New International Expo Center
- 2019Year12Month05Day -

The 9th Shanghai International New Material Exhibition opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Our company is invited to participate in the exhibition.


We exhibited high-purity copper, high-purity zinc, high-purity aluminum, monocrystalline copper and other products, by many new and old customers of all ages, many exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, the ultra-pure display of products show great Of interest, many customers are on-site for a detailed consultation, hope that through this opportunity for in-depth cooperation. This exhibition, with many customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention at the same time, made to many new friends, learned the ultra-pure metal industry's latest market, opened up an international perspective.


This is an industry feast, it is a harvest trip. The exhibition, the country Xi products shine, by domestic and foreign customers alike, which the future development of the country will bring new opportunities for Guoxi Ultrapure New Materials Co.,ltd.