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The Strategic Significance Of The New Material
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Generation of new materials, a generation of new equipment. Today, the new materials industry has entered a new period of rapid development, according to market development needs, in order to accelerate the development of new materials industry, enhance the competitiveness of the country to become an important part of the implementation of sustainable development strategy, the State issued the " And the decision to develop strategic emerging industries "(Guo Fa [2010] 32) will be the new material as" second five "period of national key to support the development of the industry. By 2015, China's new materials industry will form a 260 billion output system, with the energy saving and environmental protection, new energy industry, information industry, bio-industry, aerospace, military, nuclear technology and other emerging high-tech industry development and traditional industries High technology, the application of new materials is increasingly widespread, new materials industry is bound to flourish. According to a conservative estimate, the global market for new materials, the size of each year has more than 400 billion US dollars, the development of new materials industry and new products and new technologies to drive a larger market, the new material industry has become the fastest growing since the 21st century One of the high-tech industries.


New materials is an important part of high-tech, but also the basis of high-tech development and the pilot, but also to upgrade the traditional industries of technology upgrades, adjust the key to industrial structure. New materials and information technology, biotechnology together constitute the three pillars of today's world high-tech, as industrial progress, national economic development and security to ensure an important driving force for security, the new material industry has been recognized as the world's most important and fastest growing One of the high-tech industry, its research level and the scale of industrialization has become a measure of a country and regional economic development, scientific and technological progress and national defense strength of the important symbol. New materials technology plays a key role in guiding, supporting and interdependent development of other industries. It is the most motivating common basic technology. The emergence of many major new technologies depends on the progress of materials technology.


New materials can be classified from structure, function and application fields, and so on. The new materials are classified into electronic information materials, new energy materials, nanomaterials, Advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, superconducting materials, new non-ferrous metal materials, and other major categories. Among them, the new non-ferrous metal materials, including powder metallurgy materials, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metal alloy materials, high-performance structural materials, ultra-pure metal materials. Ultra-pure metal materials include ultra-pure materials such as ultrapure copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese, antimony, tellurium, cadmium, silver, titanium and lead. The purity of ultra-pure metal material is toward extreme purification Development, the impurity content of ppb above, the product specifications toward the direction of large-scale development.


At present, the global materials science is entering an unprecedented period of innovation and development, the development of new materials to the compound, high-performance, multi-functional, low-cost direction, structural materials are moving toward smaller size, more powerful direction. With the device to miniaturization, multi-functional, modular integration direction, functional materials, multi-functional integration, integration of materials and devices has become an important trend, which can effectively improve product performance and reduce costs.


In view of the material technology on the national economy played a huge role in promoting the world's countries attach great importance to the development and promotion of materials technology. The United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries to maintain its economic and technological leadership, have the new materials research and development as a major national development strategy, developed a sound development plan, and its focus on support and development. China's "second five" plan will be new materials, new energy, new energy vehicles, energy saving and environmental protection, biotechnology, a new generation of information technology, high-end manufacturing equipment and other seven industries as seven strategic emerging industries, from the seven major industry Relationship can be seen that the new material is the core of the other six industries and the cornerstone of the development of the other six industries are inseparable from the development of new materials.


China's new materials industry is in a strong stage of development, the industrial chain continues to expand, subdividing areas continue to emerge, further integration of upstream and downstream industries, the development of huge space, many high-tech industries and major infrastructure construction needs new material support, such as semiconductor Special new materials, magnetic materials and so can not be separated from the core of new materials technology breakthrough. However, China's material technology research and development started late, poor foundation, lack of investment, although in recent years, rapid development, but compared with the Western developed countries, there is still a big gap.


The National Bureau of Statistics released the "Strategic Emerging Industry Classification (2012)" in December 2012 to include high-purity metal materials for the advanced structural materials industry under the new material category.


High purity metal is one of the important directions in the development of metal materials, and its purification technology has been a hotspot in the field of new materials. At present there is no domestic enterprises to produce large-scale production of more than 6N high-purity metal materials. Dr. Chen Dongsheng, who led the scientific research team independently developed the fourth generation of ammonia ultra-purification technology, successfully achieved the 6N grade ultra-pure metal scale production, to fill the domestic blank, is expected to break the domestic high-purity metal materials long-term dependence on imports Embarrassing situation.


"China is a material power, but it is not a material power, the new material industry has not fundamentally realized from resource-intensive to technology-intensive, from labor-intensive to efficient economic change" The


Henan national Xi should be the new era of industrial strategy development needs, the urgent state of the country, based on scientific and technological innovation, ultra-pure metal materials in large-scale production technology has made breakthrough progress, our company has the first domestic, leading international metal materials industry Ultra-purification technology, with independent intellectual property rights, the first in the country to carry out on the zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese and other metal elements of the industrialization and scale of purification and development, to fill the gaps, Science and technology content of the leading domestic, breaking the Western developed countries on China's technology monopoly, creating a domestic ultra-pure metal materials, a new era of production.


The company's strategic development goal is to fight in five years time, the company will fight the largest domestic, the most complete varieties of ultra-pure metal materials production base, an internationally renowned ultra-pure metal materials suppliers. Shorten the gap between China's new material materials technology and developed countries, and strive to promote China's "material power" to "material power" change, promote the upgrading of related industries, high-end materials manufacturing industry to help the rich country power dream.