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Strategic Significance Of New Materials
- 2019Year12Month05Day -

New material is an important component of high and new technology, is the foundation and forerunner of High-tech development, also is the key to upgrade the technology of traditional industry and adjust the industrial structure. New materials and information technology, biotechnology together constitute the world's three pillars of High-tech today, as the industrial progress, national economic development and ensure national defense security, the important driving force, new materials industry has been recognized as the world's most important, the fastest-growing High-tech industry, Its research level and scale of industrialization have become an important symbol to measure the economic development, science and technology progress and national defense strength of a country and region. New materials technology plays a key role in guiding, supporting and interdependent the development of other industries, and it is the most driving common basic technology, and the emergence of many important new technologies depends on the progress of material technology.