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Copper Tube
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Copper tube is also called copper tube. A kind of non-ferrous metal tube, is the repression and the drawing seamless tube. Copper Pipe has a strong, corrosion-resistant characteristics, and become a modern contractor in all residential commercial housing in the water pipeline, heating, refrigeration piping installed first choice. Copper pipe is the best water supply pipe.

Aluminum bronze, tin bronze, silicon bronze, beryllium bronze, tungsten bronze, nickel-copper, brass, copper, copper, oxygen-free copper.

Aluminum bronze tube, tin bronze tube, silicon bronze tube, beryllium bronze tube, brass tube, nickel-copper tube, red copper tube, red brass tube, tungsten bronze tube, oxygen-free copper tube, various types of copper tube.

Common brands: H62, H65, H68, H63, H70, H80, H90, C2600, C2680, C2700, C5210, C5191, C51000, QBe2.0, C1100, T2, etc.

General specification: Wall thickness: 0.1-100mm, Outside diameter: 1-600mm.