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Characteristics Of Magnesium Alloy
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In the practical metal is the lightest metal, the proportion of magnesium is about 2/3 of aluminum, is the iron 1/4. It is the lightest metal in practical metals, high-strength, and highly rigid.

Application scope: Magnesium alloy is widely used in portable equipment and automobile industry to achieve lightweight.

The proportion of magnesium alloys is heavier than plastic, but the strength and elasticity of the unit weight is higher than that of plastic, so in the case of the same strength components, magnesium alloy parts can be thinner and lighter than plastic. In addition, since magnesium alloys have a higher specific strength than aluminum and iron, they can reduce the weight of aluminum or iron components without reducing the strength of the components.

Scope of application: Mobile phone, the size of the LCD screen on the notebook computer increases annually, and magnesium alloys are used in their brace frame and back shell.

Heat transfer: Although magnesium alloy thermal conductivity is less than aluminum alloy, but, than plastic dozens of times times higher, therefore, magnesium alloy used in electrical products, can effectively distribute the internal heat outside.

Application range: Magnesium alloys are used on casings and heat sinks that produce high-temperature computers and projectors. The use of magnesium alloys on the outer casing of the television can be done without cooling holes.

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