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The Main Use Of Vanadium
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Vanadium has a number of excellent physical properties and chemical properties, so the use of vanadium is very extensive, there is metal "vitamins" known. The initial vanadium is mostly used in steel, which improves the grain coarsening temperature by refining the microstructure and grain of the steel, thus increasing the strength, toughness and wear resistance of the steel. Later, the excellent improvement of vanadium in TI alloy was gradually discovered, and applied to the aerospace field, which made the aerospace industry make a breakthrough progress. With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for new materials is increasing. Vanadium is more and more widely used in the field of non steel, including aerospace, chemistry, batteries, pigments, glass, optics, medicine and many other fields.

Total application area (%) main use products vanadium carbon steel 25 steel FEVHSLA Steel 25 construction, oil pipeline FeV high alloy Steel 20 castings, petroleum pipe fittings FeV Tool steel 15 high speed tool steel, wear-resisting parts FeV (80%V) Titanium alloy 10 jet engine parts, aircraft machine V-al-based alloy chemical products 5-sulfate maleic anhydride production of $literal and other vanadium compounds auxiliary materials: the properties of vanadium are similar to those of Tantalum and niobium, and after it was discovered, the British chemist Roscoe studied its properties, confirming that it was similar to tantalum and niobium, which established the foundation for three of them to build a division in the periodic table of elements of the CPC. Can be distinguished metal-vanadium vanadium traces all over the world.

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