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Metal Vanadium Sheet
- 2019Year12Month05Day -

1. High-purity metal vanadium tablets, 4n-6n, silver luster, granular flakes, suitable for aviation, the universe of atomic industry of the super alloy, and the development of new alloys, electronic materials components, analysis standard test materials.

2. Ultra High purity Metal vanadium powder, a variety of specifications, catalyst reagents, powder metallurgy.

3. High purity vanadium foil 5um---1mm, the best shielding material.

4. Widely used in aerospace, electronics, information, oceans, new materials and other fields

Vanadium is thus used as a protective material for the atomic reactor. In the aerospace and aeronautical industries, rockets, missiles, spacecraft transfer shells and skins, large spacecraft, space ferry structural materials, the production of aircraft brakes and aircraft, spacecraft, missile navigation components, rockets, missiles, jet aircraft, high energy fuel additives. In the metallurgical industry is the alloy steel additive, also used in the production of refractories and special glass, integrated circuits, antennas and so on.

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