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Ultra high purity copper used in copper sputtering target
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Ultra High Puriy Copper Target Usage


Suitable for DC sputtering, three-pole sputtering, four-level sputtering, RF sputtering, target sputtering, ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering, etc., can be plated reflective film, conductive film, semiconductor film , Capacitor film, decorative film, protective film, integrated circuit, display, etc. Compared with other targets, the price of copper target is lower, so copper target material is the preferred target material under the premise of meeting the function of the film layer.


Ultra High Purity Copper target classification

Copper target has a planar copper target and the rotation of the copper target points.

Plane copper target is flaky, round, square and so on.

Rotating copper target is tubular, the use of high efficiency, but not easy to process, through the high-purity copper extrusion, stretching, straightening, heat treatment, machining and other processing operations in order to eventually produce copper rotating target products.


Ultra High Purity Copper target production methods

1, copper production and purification: Copper raw materials are copper ore. Copper ore can be divided into three categories

sulphide ores such as chalcopyrite (CuFeS ₂) ores (Cu5FeS ₄) and chalcocite (Cu ₂S) and so on.

oxide minerals such as red copper (Cu ₂O) malachite [Cu ₂ (OH) ₂CO₃] silicon Malachite (CuSiO₃ • 2H ₂O) and so on.

natural copper and copper ore copper content of about 1% (0.5% ~ 3%) will have the value of exploitation, because the flotation method can be part of the ore gangue and other impurities removed, and get higher copper content (8% ~ 35%) concentrate sand. The crude copper is obtained after extraction, and the copper is refined from 99.95% to 99.99%, 99.999% and 99.9999% by multiple electrolysis and zone smelting methods. At present, the highest purity in China is about 99.9999% (6N).

2, with high-purity copper ingots as raw materials for raw materials forging, rolling, heat treatment, so that the ingot grain within the smaller, increased density to meet the sputtering target required for the copper.

3, the deformed high-purity copper material after machining, copper target processing requirements of high precision, high surface quality, processed into a vacuum coating machine required target size on it, the copper target and coating machine and more Thread connection.


Ultra High Purity Copper target outlook

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the requirements for copper targets are also increasing step by step. The purity of copper targets and market standardization are still to be standardized by the relevant national technical staff.