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How alumina can be processed into alumina micropowder
- 2019Year12Month04Day -

With the rapid development of electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics and machinery in China, there is still a big growth space in the demand of alumina, and the demand of other manufactures based on alumina is more and more, including alumina powder, which has very good practicability.

After the preparation of good quality raw materials, first to smash it, generally through the crushing cylinder to complete. Because the purity of alumina in the raw materials is not high, there are many impurities, so it is necessary to further pickling and washing, that is, in order to remove impurities in the clean, so as to obtain high-purity alumina particles.

After this, the material is selected by washing method, and the material is wet, so it should be dried in the drying equipment. After drying, by the way to grind it into finer particles, which has not been the final grinding micro-powder, but also through calcination, soaking and other processes in order to finally shape.