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How to change body flame retardants of high temperature alumina
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The chemical stability of high temperature alumina is comparatively stable, its heating temperature can reach 220 degrees, and if the temperature reaches 220 degrees then it began to endothermic decomposition, one type of high-temperature alumina in the decomposition will emit three of crystalline water, if the continuous rise to reach 300 degrees when two crystalline water becomes a soft aluminum stone. One type of high-temperature alumina in the process of heat absorption is actually its dehydration process, in the process of the polymer's burning speed is eased, someone will be a high temperature alumina compared to a radiator, this is because in this process it will cause the burning speed to slow down, while the water vapor will be released.

In fact, this is how it dilutes the combustion gas and, in the process, the condensation reaction occurs, the reason for the decomposition is that it is a lot of heat absorption, in the decomposition you can be completely relieved, because it emits only gas, like some toxic, flammable, corrosive gas is not produced.