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Measures for prolonging the trial life of high temperature alumina
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1, according to the requirements of the control of the drying tower interface, stable operation to prevent the drying tower interface fluctuations, in order to prevent the alkali; control drying Tower $literal solution concentration in 1. Between 3g/l-1 4g/l, this requires that we must control the concentration of alkali and steam alkali when alkali or alkali is mixed, The long-term use of dilute lye should be replaced in time to reduce the phosphate content in $literal solution, reducing high temperature alumina consumption.

2, strict control of the impact of hydrogen, many factors of chemical reaction in oxidation process minimize the formation of degradation, reduce the regeneration burden of high temperature alumina in white soil bed, prolong the service period of high temperature alumina, control the operation of extraction process, especially to control the $literal content in the extract, so that it is less than 0.3g/l, This reduces the burden of the drying tower, so that the work fluid in the drying tower caused by the reduction of the phenomenon greatly reduced, while reducing the amount of $literal into the white soil bed.

3, strict high temperature alumina feed off, require high-temperature alumina in water, $literal solution and working liquid medium and long term immersion does not change soft, does not smash, this is it plays the normal function premise, if the strength is insufficient or soaks after powdering, the dust belt to other processes, will have the undesirable consequence, may cause the hydrogen catalyst activity to descend, the oxidation yield reduces, The liquid flooding in the extraction tower is a serious threat to production safety.