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Natural characteristics of copper alloys
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The development of copper alloy exercise technology has undergone a long process, but so far the copper exercise is still based on fire law, H65 brass Line | H62 Brass Capillary | H59 Brass Platoon | QSn6.5-0.1 Tin Bronze Rods | Import Tin Bronze Tube | Tin Bronze plate The production accounted for about 85% of the total international copper production. 1 The fire law exercise is usually the first few percent of copper or thousand percent of the original ore, through the beneficiation to $number, as a copper concentrate, in the closed blast furnace, reflection furnace, electric furnace or flash furnace for matte smelting, the output of molten matte (ice copper) then into the converter to blow into coarse copper, The electrolytic copper with a grade up to 99.9% has been obtained by oxidizing and refining in another reflective furnace or by electrolysis of an anode plate. The process is simple, adaptable, copper recovery can reach $number, H59 brass row price quotes but because the sulfur in the ore in the matte and blowing two stages as sulfur dioxide emissions, not easy to recover, easy to cause pollution.

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